Where a link is marked as an “affiliate link” it means that Christmasgiftz may receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using the link.

What’s an affiliate link again?

An affiliate link is a special URL to a website that has a tracking cookie. The cookie means that if you make a purchase after you clicked on the link, the site you purchased from knows that Christmasgiftz sent you over there. The website you bought from keeps track of the dollar amounts purchased and Christmasgiftz then receives a commission for referring the sale.

Two important things

* Christmasgiftz does not see any of your personal information.

* Buying via an affiliate link doesn’t cost you anything extra.

Total transparency

In the interest of keeping everything completely transparent, I want to share with you from time to time the amount Mumlyfe has made via affiliate links. Right now, it’s not much!

Thanks, always, for supporting Christmasgiftz. We love being part of this community we have made.