This massive list of gift ideas for tween girls joins our list for teen boys, tween boys and teen girls. So check those out for more thoughtful gifts that might also suit your tweenie.

In this list, I’ve included gifts that suit girly tween girls and less girly tween girls. Very important, as I happen to have one of each myself. This can be an especially tricky age to buy for, as some tween girls are quite sophisticated, whereas others are still happily playing with dolls and softies.

One thing I know for sure, when it come to gift ideas for tween girls, you can’t go wrong with a book. This is the age where it seems kids are most likely to identify as a “reader” – they are proud of their reading capabilities and enjoy books, but haven’t yet decided that they’d rather do something else. Try buying a ‘next step’ book that will challenge your tween girl with a story she can really sink her teeth into.

Enjoy sifting through all my gift ideas for tween girls and let me know what you end up getting for your girl!

All the lists are here:

awesome gift ideas for tween girls

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1. Catwalk crazy

Seedling make lovely kits that tween girls love to tinker with. The Fashion Designers Kit will have them designing and making doll-size clothes in no time at all. Looking at the vast array of patterns included, you’ll know pretty quick whether Stella McCartney needs to be worried…

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2. Jumpy jumpy

Pogo sticks seem random, but such fun. There’s a reason these retro favourites just keep popping back up on the scene and your kid acts like they invented it – bit like slime and Pokemon.

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3. Jewels stash

A blue and silver snakeskin-look jewellery box that has room for all her cheap tat, I mean jewels. Very glam

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4. Light her up

If your girl is the only girl in town who still doesn’t have a light box, now is the time. I don’t know why she needs a light box either, she just does

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5. Imaginary worlds

This one is one of best Kerri Smith books. It encourages kids (and adults) to look beyond their immediate environment and imagine possibilities instead. Great for growing curious brains.

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6. Road block

A one-player brainiac game that gets kids solving puzzles to try to block the red car using the police cars. There’s a good little video to explain it here.

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7. Lego Hogwarts

Tweens are just the right age to fully appreciate the magic of Harry, Hermoine and Hogwarts (sorry Ron, you need an H). This is one serious Lego kit for a satisfying sense of accomplishment on completion

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8. Ice cream, you scream

The gift that benefits everybody! How pleased will your girl be to make everyone her signature ice cream flavour? And this ice cream maker is actually pretty affordable, compared to most.

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8. Yoga pretzels

 colourful set of cards that teaches the basics of yoga in bite-sized amounts. A good way to get some stretches in yourself, just quietly...

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9. Mandala cruiser

A totally gorgeous complete skateboard that she’ll have for many, many years. This board is suitable for beginners to advanced level

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